Detailed Information and Training Material

Goals of Cloud-Rooms

Cloud-Rooms facilitates the process of hotels or any other renting business that needs reservation tracking, invoice management, planning, financial functions, cleaning management and more. Faster, less expensive and easier than any other software or the traditional pencil-and-paper method. You have an overview of all substantial factors and can act swiftly and efficiently. Any information is available within seconds. Which rooms are reserved? What is requested, what is booked? What is paid? Which invoices are still unpaid? Who is in house? Who is on duty? Who needs something? What happened? Are there any problems or is something broken? What needs cleaning? How long is the cleaning? How high is the turnover? Which customer needs what? What special deals were offered to this customer? And much more.

What Cloud-Rooms can provide

Cloud-Rooms manages rentable units, like rooms in a hotel or similar business, such as individual rooms, vacation apartments, seminar rooms, etc. anything that has to be reserved, booked, billed and/or cleaned. Planning, communication, human resources, cleaning and much more is available. Access is possible worldwide with any internet connection, with all devices, be it a cellphone, tablet, traditional PC or anything else that can run a webbrowser. Broad functionality, flexibility, ease of use as well as high availability. In the menu item "features" you will find an overview about the functionality of Cloud-Rooms. Context-sensitive help is available throughout the system In addition to that find here detailled descriptions for a quick start.

Internal Communication and Information

Communication and information are substantial success factors in any organization in which several people have to work together. E-mail is not enough. When I am out of town, I still have to know what is happening and what is needed! By using the "coworker chat", any staff member can send all others (or only one other) messages which create a log of what has happened. More features like the problem list or daily information allow for an efficient and fast internal communication.

External Information and Communication

Who is this customer? Was this customer in house previously? Are there any special wishes that this customer has? Were any special pricing arrangements agreed with this customer? What company is this? How much revenue did this company create? Were there any problems? These and similar questions need to be answered quickly... Do all coworkers have the neccessary information? Use Cloud-Rooms and they do.

Reservation, Booking, Checked In, Checked Out

Cloud-Rooms offers a booking plan and a color scheme that allows you to know whether some booking item is merely an inquiry, a booking, whether the guest has already checked-in, etc. Also in the booking plan you can see at once the status of the invoice - whether the reception has to hand over the invoice at check-out, whether the invoice has been paid, whether the inoice is still missing, etc. The System also supports internal confirmations of bookings, which minimizes mistakes made by staff.

Advanced Features Like Problem and Repair Management

Advanced features are constantly developed and added for Cloud-Rooms. Driven by a large amount of customer feedback, many useful features have been created. Examples are the repair management, which allows you to track things that broke and make sure they get fixed on time - or the work instructions which can be directly edited in the system and become immediately available to all employees. The goal is to make all paper in the office redundant.

Customized System Configuration

You can change all the settings yourself and not need help from any technician. The system offers context-sensitive help. Every hotel is different and also every is different. Cloud-Rooms offers countless settings to correctly configure your taxes, customize your header for invoices and also e-mail templates.

Potential Tax Savings

Several of our customers paid too much taxes before they started using Cloud-Rooms, the savings may be substantial and will exceed the cost of Cloud-Rooms in many instances.

Support and Help

Support for the technical infrastructure, including a failover-server in a different datacenter, is included int he monthly price. Furthermore you may contact us anytime at should a problem appear. In addition you may contact our hotline under +43 650 89 039 09.


Cloud-Rooms uses proven technology. For more functionality and better performance, the design has been kept lightweight. Usability and speed are priorities in Cloud-Rooms.

Failure Safety and Reliability

Did you experience a computer breakdown? If you run your booking system on your own computer, it may take hours until the necessary spare parts are available and the computer is running again - if it happens at an unfavorable time or if the hard drive breaks and operating system and booking system have to be reinstalled, even days. Cloud-Rooms runs at two independent datacenters in Germany (Cologne, Munic), Austria (Vienna, Linz) and Switzerland (near Zurich). All our servers are maintained by specialists and should one datacenter break down, the other datacenter can take over. By using Cloud-Rooms you are not only protected against a breakdown of hardware, but also against any other possible interruption, be it outages of the internet infrastructure or even natural catastrophies like floods.

Internet Connection

An internet connection is neccessary to use Cloud-Rooms. Today, internet access is available almost everywhere. Cloud-Rooms also works with a cellphone or tablet via the cellular network. By using different providers, a very high availability can be achieved. Just in case you lose all your possibilities to access the Internet, you can also let the software send you a daily backup per e-mail, which can be used in an emergency.

Data Security

By using Cloud-Rooms you remain the owner of your data. You can download a complete backup of your data in csv format anytime. You data is strictly confidential and will not be given to any third party.


The following documents are organized according to concrete use-cases (for example "check-out and invoice") and explain the task step by step.

On-site Analysis

An on-site analysis is offered on demand. Contact us at An on-site analysis is usually not necessary when you keep these points in mind:

- Infrastructure: For RoomSoftware only an internet connection is necessary, however to optimally use the cleaning management it is advisable to have WLAN and outfit your coworkers with tablets.

- If you have problems, use the context-sensitive help that is offered in the question-mark help-boxes.

- Structure your process and take full advantage of the possibilies of the system, for example if you enter all the data on check-in you can generate the visitor registration automatically to speed up the check-in process.

File Upload

It is possible to upload files to RoomSoftware - all previous versions are kept and it is stored who uploaded what.

Programming Services

If you need some special features, we can make you an offer to include them into the continuing development process.