Duty Roster

The duty roster can be freely edited and also contains the number of check-outs and stays for each day to facilitate the cleaning of the rooms.

Personnel planning

Housekeeping and Cleaning

The cleaning plan is automatically set up for all necessary cleaning tasks, usually the manager only has to assign a person to each floor, which is done within a few seconds. Of course it is also possible to assign rooms for cleaning individually.

Dedicated User Interface for Housekeeping

The cleaning staff is working with a dedicated user interface and receives only the assigned tasks. The user interface is simplified, for a normal cleaning operation, a press on the button "begin" and then "done" is all that is needed to clean a room.


Repair management

The cleaning staff is also able to add necessary repairs for each room, which are then managed in a list. Additionally, every staff member is able to add a repair item by using the internal chat.

Chat Functionality for Internal Communication

In the internal Chat, users can send messages to all or single users. You can also define supervisor users who get a copy of the chat communication. The internal chat log is saved for several years. This way information can be exchanged, suggestions can be submitted, the handover can be systematized and instructions can be passed anytime in writing.

User Access Rights

Cloud-Rooms offers fine-grained access rights which can be granted to users by administrators and also offer read-only access for each. In this way, you can ensure that each user has exactly the access rights that are needed for the job.

Log - Do You Know What Happened?

Cloud-Rooms offers a log that contains every write-operation. This allows you to know who did what and when.
Who has entered a given booking? Who has approved a discount? When was the room cleaned? Who created the invoice? When did a problem appear? Who modified the customer data? .... This and much more is made possible in Cloud-Rooms!

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